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Family organic fruit farm


We are a certified farm focused on organic fruit production. We started growing fruits professionally in 2004. We cultivate 6 ha of hazelnut orchards, 2 ha of walnuts and 1.5 ha of orchards with other types of fruits. Our farm is located in the heart of the Dolenjska hills in Slovenia.
We started growing fruits 10 years ago, when we bought a small abandoned farm in Primskovo in the Dolenjska region with a hectare of overgrown orchard. Over the years we pruned shrubs and Rubus and planted fruit trees. After several additional purchases, we now cultivate 10 ha of land at three locations.


In our orchards we grow over 100 varieties and 30 types of fruits (apple, plum, pear, quince, medlar, chokeberry, black currant, persimmon, fig, pomegranate, peach, hazel, walnut, mulberry, apricot, Mirabelle plum, Greengage, chestnut, jujube, kiwi, Asimina, raspberry, cherry, sour cherry, sea buckthorn, Siberian blueberry, elderberry, sorb, grapes). The majority of fruit trees are hazelnuts and walnuts, in addition we have 100 plums and 500 chokeberries.


The focus on organic farming ensures healthy, tasty, high-quality and, of course, ecologically sound crops and products, as well as respect for and preservation of nature. All surfaces are treated according to ecological principles.

Crops and products

At our organic farm we offer quality organic crops and products. We registered ancillary activities: fruit and vegetable processing, agricultural advice, organization of workshops and courses, demonstration of work and advice on agricultural and ancillary activities, traditional soap making, hand painting of various objects, api-tourism, theme park of fruit varieties, beekeeping.


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