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Workshop - wood painting

   The Mezen ornament was created in the village of Palašel on the banks of the river Mezen. Therefore it is called mezenski. It adorned the everyday objects of peasant life.
   The artists drew the story into the product samples, leaving a message or wish to the loved ones. Each element had a special meaning and was placed in a special way. Red horses represented the sun. Several horses, depicted one after the other, marked the movement of the sun across the sky. Geese, swans and ducks were considered the souls of deceased relatives who flew close to living people and came to the rescue at a difficult time. Deer were heavenly midwives who gave life to everyone on earth. The family tree of life was drawn with a trunk filled with rhombi - many ancestral generations. Its twisted roots represented the underworld. The sun sign at the top was a symbol of the heavenly world. Many signs of fertility are also used - plowed fields, roots, flowers, fruits and seeds.
   Due to the schematic and uncomplicated patterns, children perceive them well and repeat them easily, developing fine motor skills. At the workshop you will get acquainted with the main materials and elements of the Mezen painting, create your own unique product from natural materials.



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